Improved and modernized design. Fully reengineered to compete with the best aftermarket headlights of its kind, these LED light bulbs for cars are CAN-bus and DRL error-free. The updated version of our own CG Automotive Workhorse LED lights comes with a driver that protects against any flickering or error codes on your dashboard.

Superior brightness. Standard factory halogen bulbs produce a low number of lumens while the CG Automotive Workhorse LED driving lights have upgraded lumens for a higher output while maintaining surprisingly low power consumption. These headlights also feature a fully adjustable bulb collar that allows beam angle adjustment.

Customize for a brand new look. These LED vehicle lights are available in three colors for you to choose from. While the cool white light can make any car look like it’s fresh off the dealership, feel free to pick from any of the two colored filters, cool blue or intense amber, and steer away from the traditional to add pizzazz to your car. Although the car lights differ in color, they don’t sacrifice brightness and still give off the same luminosity to ensure road safety with your everyday drive.