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Uphill Climbs


Eliminate Suspension Sag: When Towing A Heavy Trailer, Timbren SES Extends The Life Of The Suspension Of Your Vehicle And Helps To Avoid Bottoming Out


Control Trailer Sway: A Condition Which Occurs With Unbalanced Loads, In Crosswinds Or When Passing Heavy Trucks Timbren SES Stabilizes Your Vehicle


Control Body Roll: During Cornering With Powerful Progressive Rate Rubber Springs Which Resist Lean And Enhance Vehicle Stability

Improve Ride Quality

By Allowing The Aeon® Rubber Springs Absorb Road Shocks And Bumps. Towing A Trailer Doesn’t Have To Mean Poor Ride Quality


Timbren has a full line of suspension enhancement systems for the tow vehicle. For those spacing a new trailer.


The Timbren SES Kit is also Simple And Easy To Install, and with Limited Lifetime Warranty

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